1st 40k Champion’s Table Winner – Bill Kim!

He took the 1st seed at the tournament, and he didn’t let anyone stop him from his supremacy – Kurt’s Tau, Ian’s Chaos Demons, and Bill’s Necrons all fell to Bill Kim’s Chaos Demons! We’ll have his championship belt ready for him soon. This doesn’t mean the fun will stop, though! Bill has retired from... Read More

Can Anyone Stop the Chaos Demons?!

The Warhammer 40k Champion’s Table is still in full swing, and the Chaos Demons have thus far reigned supreme for its duration! Can anyone stop Bill from getting his third win?! March’s challenge period will be the mission The Scouring, from the main rulebook. There are also a couple minor rule changes and clarifications to... Read More

Incoming Kill Team League

Come take a look at our next ongoing Warhammer 40k event – the Kill Team League! Staff members Tony and Kyle have put together an exciting set of rules to expand on GW’s already awesome rules – including Necromunda-style character experience! The official days for the league are Wednesdays and Saturdays but games can be... Read More

Warhammer 40k Champion’s Table – Updates!

Greetings competitive 40k fans! We’ve received some solid feedback two months in, and we’re updating the table to better reflect a fun experience for everyone involved. We’ll have the full rules package down below, but here are the highlights on the changes: Painting is no longer required.  If one player has a painted army and... Read More

X-Wing Regional Results!

Staff got here at 7 AM, the last of the players left at 3 AM the following day – 20 hour bender? Heck no! It was Flat Land Games’ 2nd X-Wing Regional! We had competitors from Milwaukee, Toronto, London (Canada, we’re not THAT cool), Ohio, Indiana, and all over the great mitten state battle it... Read More

Winter is here – Blood Bowl is its name!

Hey there sports fans!  Or is this for miniatures fans?  Maybe board game fans?  How about all of the above?! Flat Land Games is kicking off its Winterbowl league and all things Blood Bowl at the shop tonight, with coaches and fans from all over the area building new teams, showing off their paint jobs,... Read More

Open Thanksgiving Day

As is tradition at Flat Land Games, we will be open on Thanksgiving Day. We’re also doing a Thanksgiving dinner at the store around 3 PM. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come in. We’ll also be open for gaming and shopping with sales being slightly limited throughout the day – the emphasis will be... Read More

The Champion’s Table is Coming!

It’s been talked about at the store for months, now it’s time to begin – the Flat Land Games Warhammer 40k Champion table is about to begin! To get it kicked off, we’re having a Warhammer 40k tournament on Saturday, October 22nd. Entry to this one is pretty simple – buy $20+ in GW product... Read More

Time for some 40k Kill Team

Have you taken a look at the latest game from Games Workshop, 40k Kill Team? If you haven’t, the new boxed set is an amazing deal – a full Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, the new Kill Team rulebook, a full Space Marine Tactical Squad, and a full Tau Fire Warrior Squad. Right, the price – only... Read More

GW Savings Ahead!

Flat Land Games is rolling out its biggest discount program to date – as much as 15% off all Games Workshop product! This one is easy to qualify for – all you have to do is pre-pay for White Dwarf magazine, something you were going to buy as a Games Workshop enthusiast, anyway! Anyone who... Read More