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FLGS 40k Kill Team League

February 8 @ 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Welcome to Flat Land Games’ 40k Kill Team League!

Entry is a one time, $10 cost. Players can join at any time, but there is advantage to starting earlier. Entry goes to prizes and a season end pizza shindig!

Kill Team League

Points: 200
Starts: February 4th, 2017
Days: Wednesday and Saturday Official, but play is good any day of the week
Length: Ten Weeks


Choosing your Team:
Players will choose their kill team at the beginning of the league according to the Kill Team manual, and use that list for the entire 10 weeks.

Earning Character Points:
As you play games of League Kill Team, your characters will accumulate character points that will be recorded on your kill team roster. Points are as follow:
Non-leader Kill – 1 pts.
Leader Kill – 2 pts.
If one or more units control an objective at end of game, pick one – 2 pts.
Vehicle Kill – 3 pts.

Character Leveling:
Over time, your characters will reach new levels as they accumulate points, becoming new specialists on your team, or upgrading their current specialist skills with new skills. Once a non-leader unit reaches 25 character points, they are considered maxed out, and at the pique of their Kill Team careers.

Non Specialist Units:
10 Pts: When a unit earns 10 pts, it becomes a specialist of a class that you don’t have. Note, once you have earned all of the different specialists available, you can start this process over again.
25 Pts: This unit gets a new Trait from its specialist table.
Specialist Unit:
10 Pts: This unit gets a new Trait from its specialist table.
25 Pts. This unit gets 1 point to use on a state upgrade, except wounds.
Every 10 Pts: Earn an opportunity to roll for a new Leader Skill. This is a roll on a d6 for a new stat, not of your choice; it is possible that you may roll an ability you already have. In such a case, no new stat is earned, until you earn 10 more points with your leader to get another roll.

Character Deaths:
In a similar fashion as Blood Bowl, there is a certain level of “deadness” that may become of your units throughout the course of the league. When you kill a unit on the opponent’s team, roll a d6; on a 1, that unit dies forever, losing all of their accumulated points. If this happens to your units, though, don’t worry to much, as they will return as a fresh grunt on your next Kill Team mission.

Starting February 5th, each week will pose a new mission for players to challenge each other, with a few surprises thrown in. On Week 10, the Grand Finale will dictate the ultimate Kill Team in the galaxy! Special missions will be revealed about a week in advance before they are played, so as to keep things fresh and exciting.
Week 1: Alone in the Dark
Week 2: Infiltrate the Camp
Week 3: Special
Week 4: Forward Push
Week 5: Head Hunt
Week 6: Special
Week 7: Supply Drop
Week 8: Secure the High Ground
Week 9: Special
Week 10: Grand Finale

Recording Your Progress:
After each match, you will record your Wins/Losses/Victory Points on your League Roster, as well as any stat upgrades and Specialist upgrades that you earn for your characters. We will have a printout that you can pick up at the store, or if you would like the spreadsheet, let us know and we can get you a computer file.


February 8
3:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Flat Land Games
(248) 773-7854


Flat Land Games
28990 S Wixom Rd
Wixom, MI 48393 United States
(248) 773-7854