The rumors are true! After hosting an amazing 91 player regional earlier this year, Flat Land Games is honored to have been selected by Fantasy Flight to host Michigan's next X-Wing Regional tournament!

We are still working on some of the event specifics, as well as trying to confirm with Fantasy Flight regarding some of the prizing involved, but we do know the following so far:

- The tournament will take place Saturday, December 3rd

- Entry will be $15/head. We will be taking pre-registration starting in October

- We will once again have on site food to help minimize round to round disruption

- There will be substantially more prize support for this one since we have most of our sunk cost in boards covered from the prior event; expect most of the prize support to be distributed through raffles every round after the first

Based on pre-registration, we will announce at the end of October as to whether or not we expect this to be a 2 day event:

     - Exceed 75 (like we did last time), top 16 will be played on Sunday
     - Up to 75, we will finish the event on Saturday.

Keep an eye on this news post, or on our Facebook event page here for updates as we get them.

All of our contact info can be found on our contact page here

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