Have you taken a look at the latest game from Games Workshop, 40k Kill Team? If you haven't, the new boxed set is an amazing deal - a full Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, the new Kill Team rulebook, a full Space Marine Tactical Squad, and a full Tau Fire Warrior Squad. Right, the price - only $65!

To celebrate this release, Flat Land Games is putting together a month's worth of weekly Thursday events. The event is completely free to play in, and gives you two ways to win prizes!

Every game of Kill Team you play on a Thursday over the next four weeks earns you a point; if you get the win, earn 2. At the end of four weeks, we'll announce an overall points leader for prize. For every 4 points you earn throughout the weeks, you will get one entry to an end-of-event raffle!

Here are the rules:

Built a force of up to 250 points using the Kill Team rules

Come up on Thursday and play!

It's just that easy.

Keep an eye on our Facebook calendar for clarifications as they come up. Otherwise, we'll see you on Thursday the 15th, 22nd, 29th, and October 6th!

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